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Boca Grande Fishing, Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing is world renowned for world class tarpon fishing and other sport fishing opportunities. The giant silver king tarpon initially begins their annual migration up the Gulf Coast in early spring, then swarm into the deep waters of Boca Grande Pass and Charlotte Harbor during month of April. Experts estimate between 50,000 to 100,000 of these amazing fish migrate here to feed and spawn between the peak months of April through July.

Later in the summer after the tournaments and visiting seasonal guides are gone, large numbers of tarpon remain into the fall months fattening up on the enormous supply of crab and baitfish available throughout the Charlotte Harbor estuary. What many do not know is that Charlotte Harbor is also home to thousands of juvenile and mature resident tarpon that never depart the estuary and can be fished year around.

Tarpon are known for their incredible strength, beauty and fighting ability. Mature Boca Grande Tarpon range in size between 5 to 8 feet and can weigh as much as 280 pounds, living as long as 50 or more years. Once hooked up to this powerful giant fish, the mate will assist and coach you safely through the fight (when needed), bring the fish boat side for a quick but amazing photo opportunity, then release it unharmed to fight another day.

To prevent unnecessary injury, we will NOT hoist the tarpon out of the water at any time. Commonly, we will also collect a DNA sample from your Silver King by swabbing the outer jaw, then submit the sample to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) after our charter to further assist in the preservation and future of the Boca Grande Tarpon.

Boca Brande Shark Fishing Charters

Boca Grande Fishing Charters

Boca Grande Shark Fishing is home to several recent IGFA world records for GIANT hammerheads and other large sharks. Shark fishing is world-class most of the year and at its peak during the summer months. Boca Grande shark fishing is something that we specialize in, and we are fully equipped to help you with your pursuit of this powerful game fish. Expect to catch and land fish in the 300 to 1100 pound class when fishing with the Tail Chaser.

Boca Grande shark fishing is most effective using large amounts of fresh live bait and chum. When targeting large species of this nature we offer stand-up or chair-style fishing capabilities to assist you with your epic battle. We proudly use the industrys best PENN International rods and reels, spooled up with Spiderwire super braided line and Mustad circle hooks to get the fish to the boat quickly and safely released. This is the photo opportunity you've been waiting for, book your trip today.


Boca Grande Fishing Reports

First hand detailed Boca Grande Fishing reports by Tail Chaser Charters. Until you can reserve your Boca Grande fishing charter with Tail Chaser Charters you can keep up-to-date with what the Captain has been targeting and catching by reading their frequently updated Boca Grande Fishing Reports.

Boca Grande Goliath Grouper Fishing

Boca Grande Grouper Fishing

Capt. Chris ONeill is well known for his world-class Boca Grande Goliath Grouper fishing trips. Hes been seen on several nationally televised fishing shows that featured his ability to successfully land these giant WOW fish. If you've ever had the desire for the ultimate angling challenge here it is. Over many years of diving alongside and catching these huge fish, Tail Chaser Charters has developed safe techniques to quickly hook, fight, and release these monsters unharmed. Jewfish as they are known in Florida can grow upwards of 800 pounds and it's not uncommon to catch fish well over 500 pounds on our Boca Grande fishing charters.

We use the best PENN big-game equipment for this goliath task. Protection status from overfishing many decades ago has resulted in their full recovery and huge populations of this species are again found throughout Florida and particularly Boca Grande. Despite the massive population growth of the species they remain closed for harvest, so we will never possess or bring this fish out of the water to ensure we always remain well within the guidelines of the law. Without a doubt, there is not a stronger fish to battle in the shallow water. I've heard my clients refer to this method of fishing as fighting a Volkswagen while strapped to a fight chair. Do not try this at home, my years of experience catching and releasing thousands of these fish ensure neither the fish or angler is ever harmed. If you are looking for the fight and picture of a lifetime, undoubtedly this is it. Book Your Boca Grande Goliath Grouper Fishing Adventure Today!

Tarpon Fishing Boca Grande Pass, Gulf Beaches, and Charlotte Harbor

Boca Grande Fishing Charters

Boca Grande Pass and its surrounding waters are known as The Tarpon Capital of the World. We utilize various methods of targeting Boca Grande Tarpon dependent on their location, feeding posture and anglers desire. Commonly, the most effective method used to hook and catch higher numbers of tarpon during our charters is by drifting a tarpon jig in the deep waters of Boca Grande Pass. This safe and proven method of catching the Silver King Tarpon enables a quick battle for anglers at any skill level and an amazing boat-side photo opportunity just before we safely release the fish. Many anglers prefer taking advantage of unlimited sight fishing opportunities along our pristine beaches and vast Charlotte Harbor estuary.

Casting live "tarpon crabs" or baitfish at rolling tarpon is something to see and do. Anglers looking for a more skilled approach to tarpon fishing generally go this route. Expect to cast your baits at endless pods of Silver King Tarpon using the industrys best PENN big game gear, braided line, and Mustad circle hooks. Tail Chaser will always have a mate onboard when Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing to assist in the battle and increase your odds of successfully landing the fish of a lifetime. Nothing beats the thrill of a tarpon jumping 6-10 feet in the air at the end of your screaming line. As a bonus of fishing with Tail Chaser, our world-class mates have received extensive training from Gray Taxidermy to properly photograph and measure your trophy, in the event you would like to order a lifelike replica of your catch to remember forever and proudly display in your home or office. Book your Boca Grande Tarpon trip today!

Boca Grande Back Country and Bay Fishing

If catching giants is not what you are looking for, Tail Chaser Charter Services offers world class year round inshore and offshore Boca Grande fishing charters. Captain Chris is famous for mixing it up with offshore, nearshore, and inshore trips to satisfy the most demanding anglers.

Half and full day charters are available for groups of 1 to 6 anglers as well as multiple boats for larger group events. The Tail Chaser Charter Services fleet consists of multiple boats and Captains to accomodate any style or group size fishing the Boca Grande fishing area.

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